Fluid Delivery

If your car has stopped from overheating our Roadside Premier plan includes fluid delivery of premium coolant/antifreeze and to get you moving again. Summertime is brutal on engines in this region and traffic will stop the movement of cool air through your cooling system in just a few minutes and before you know it your temperature gauge is in the red.

Most drivers don’t carry water or coolant with them in their car. Roadside Response team can have your vehicle cooled down in just a few minutes and back on the road.

Pressurized cooling systems are very dangerous to handle and can result in serious injury. Our Roadside Response technicians know how to handle these systems safely and quickly.

  • Safer- Done by trained technicians.
  • No Cash Needed for active members-Includes Coolant.
  • Trained Technicians.
  • Fast Response Time.

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